Board and Batton

Easily installed and offers longevity, energy savings, and exceptional durability, even under extreme weather conditions. Long lasting cost-effective board and batten 26 g steel siding 20 + colours to choose from 20 year no fade + 40 year no rust manufacturer warranty The most economic board & batten in the market View Benz Metal Board […]

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Standing Seam

Standing Seam Hidden Fastener (H-F) Steel Roof. Designed for residential and commercial buildings, our H-F steel roofing panel gives them the attractive traditional style and appearance of classic buildings with standing seam roofs and higher market value. The H-F panel is manufactured from .016 in. thick (29 Gauge) Galvalume pre-painted steel in 16-inch (406 mm) […]

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GalantaTM hidden fastener interlocking steel siding is designed to protect your home or business against harsh weather while enhancing curb appeal and adding to the value of your property. Manufactured in panels covering 6 ¼ in. by 12 ft, they are packaged in boxes of 8 (50 sq. ft per box) and available in a […]

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Diamond Rib

Diamond Rib provides an excellent look for metal siding with 6” rib centres on 36” wide panels. It is available in 26, 28, and 29 gauge steel. Choose from 4 textured colours, 18 classic colours, plus galvanized or galvalume (unpainted). colours are available in 26 and/or 29 gauge metal with a 40 year SMP paint […]

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Tuff Rib

Tuff Rib is the most economical solution for metal roofing. It can be used for siding or roofing. Diamond Rib features 9” rib centers on 36” wide panels, and has an anti-siphon groove that creates a watertight seal. It is available in 26, 28, and 29 gauge steel. Choose from 4 textured colours, 18 classic […]

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Utility Rib

The utility panel is one of the most versatile industrial panels. It can be used both as roofing or siding on steel or wood structures for commercial or industrial buildings. For roofing applications, the Utility panel provides maximum economy but maintaining its structural spanning ability. The utility panel can be installed over purlins at 48″ […]

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Standard Trim

Double J Outside Corner

Side Wall

End Wall

Eave Drip

Rat Guard Base Trim

Gable Divider

Drip Edge

Over Rib Gable Trim

Ridge Cap

Soffit Facia Eave Trim

Door Jam

Gable F

Available Colours


Bright White QC28783
White White QC28317
Antique Linen QC28696
Bone White QC28273


Pebble Khaki QC28129
Tan QC28315
Coffee Brown QC28326
Dark Brown QC28229


Stone Grey QC28305
Regent Grey QC28730
Charcoal QC28306
Black QC28262


Bright Red QC28386
Dark Red QC28250
Tile Red QC28259
Burgundy QC28011


Slate Blue QC28260
Gallery Blue QC28330
Melcher's Green QC28307
Textured Forest Green


Ebony Black
Graphite Grey
Sepia Brown
Deep Grey

Woodgrain Series



Light Zinc
Dark Zinc
Aged Copper
Rustic Red